Hotel del Parque, is the first boutique, top calibre hotel in Ecuadorian port city Guayaquil, is set to open its doors in mid-December this year.

Set on the banks of the hazy Daule river, the former hospice building is surrounded by the botanical gardens of Guayaquil’s Parque Histórico, teeming with plants and wildlife unique to the Equatorial conditions.

Inspired by the tropical surroundings, the interiors created by highly-esteemed designer Julio Vinueza are cool and fresh, with a nod to the building’s Republican-era architectural origins. Two inner patios, with tinkling fountains and birds flitting between old trees complement the elegant lobbies. In the well-equipped reading and games room, contemporary furniture and state-of-the-art technology compliment antique ottomans.

Guests can expect to encounter spider monkeys, iguanas and crocodiles in the grounds’ wildlife sanctuary, where rare species including harpy eagles live alongside tropical macaws and hummingbirds.