Hover Tours is a leading Destination Management Company for Panama, Costa Rica and Venezuela. Our offices are located in Panama City and Margarita Island, main tourist Caribbean destiny in the country and we offer itineraries and programs all around the countries and surroundings.
Since our foundation, in 1995, and with more than 18 years of experience, we have the local knowledge and expertise to reveal this beautiful country to our guests as only a true insider can. We can provide a unique perspective on the local people, places and culture. We will surprise you with hidden places only the locals know about and introduce you to the people you´d never meet if you travel on your own. We give you fascinating insights into local traditions and bring history to life, in ways you simply can´t get from a guidebook. We stand out in the design of tailor-made tour packages for domestic and inbound travellers. Superior Knowledge and efficient planning are few of the things do best.