Skorpios Cruises is a pioneer in the shipping tourism in Chile with 40 years of experience taking tourists to the Patagonian Northern Ice Field, and, since 2003, to the glaciers of the Patagonian Southern Ice Field.

Our specialty is ice, so the company designed and built both cruise ships specifically to cope with the conditions faced in Patagonia (A1 Ice Class Vessels by the American Bureau of Shipping). In addition, during our visits to the face of glaciers, we use strong and well-equipped boats to ensure the comfort and safety of our passengers at all times.

Our two regular programmes are:
– Chonos Route, aboard M/V Skorpios II, a 5 nights programme sailing on Saturdays from Puerto Montt and visiting San Rafael Glacier, Quitralco Fjord and ChiloĆ© Island.
– Kaweskar Route, aboard M/V Skorpios III, a 3 nights programme sailing on Tuesdays and Fridays from Puerto Natales and visiting up to 14 glaciers, including Amalia and El Brujo, and spectacular Las MontaƱas and Calvo Fjor