Day 1 – Monday 11th June 2018

12:30pm – 13:15pm

Destination Spotlight: Peru: The Richest Country In The World

Peru, the richest country in the world:  Today life is more challenging than ever.  More work, more money, more time, more stuff. We work hard to fill our life with things we need to be happy and successful. Wealth is no longer measured in material assets, but in experiences and timeless memories. Peru is a country rich in experiences and diverse opportunities for tourism. From ancient history and adventure to breathtaking nature and interesting culture, Peru is a country like no other. In this seminar, we invite you to embrace the new concept of wealth and learn more about Peru, the richest country in the world.

14:30pm – 15:40pm

The emergence of the sharing economy and its impact on tourism

Once upon a time there was a world with no Uber, no Streaming, no Airbnb. An era when people purchased things and experiences quite differently. Is our fluid lifestyle of ‘instant hiring’ and sharing of our leisure products detrimental to the foundations of traditional tourism as we know it? Our panel explore this modern utopia we have made for ourselves through convenience, technology and fashion. We address what might be just around the corner if our travel habits continue to be swayed by our new wave ‘sharing economy.’

16.05pm – 17:15pm

Shaping the Future: What’s next for the travel industry?

We take stock and look back at the recent trends for Latin America travel over the past 12 months. Looking back and forward, we collectively explore how the Latin American travel market is changing and discuss the emerging themes, trends and opportunities in front of us.


Day 2 – Tuesday 12th June 2018

12:30pm – 13:15pm

Destination Spotlight: Brazil: Sustainable Tourism in Brazil


14:30pm – 15:40pm

Like, Share, Post! Rethinking the Social Media revolution for profit

Some say that the absence of having a social media platform ‘shop window’ is comparable to operating a company without a website. Not joining the ‘party’ could leave your offering out in the cold, but we ask, how should suppliers maximise their profile on social media channels and who is best suited to do the job properly?  Some in the industry have reported an oversupply of superficial influencers, so we ask, is hosting the selfie society worth the hassle? Producing and sharing captivating content can expand your reach and stimulate engagement, resulting in organic growth that doesn’t cost a thing. If you want some of this attention, don’t miss our exclusive seminar where we will tackle head on, this significant part of your marketing toolkit.

16.05pm – 17:15pm

Your Eco Reputation in the Age of Drastic Plastic: Waste, plastic wars and championing a greener footprint

Customers have confidence in holiday providers with a halo, who demonstrate a caring, proactive approach to the environment. We certainly aren’t short of keen travel companies parading their eco credentials! Our exclusive session explores just how mindful consumers have become tuned to this way of thinking, wanting to change their allegiance to ‘kind’ organisations and be a low-impact traveller. As more people modify their consumer habits day-to-day to reduce their environmental footprint and search to make an informed choice, how important is it to be a commercial operation known as having a greener reputation? Fighting plastic is this year’s hot crusade that has moved us all and got people vowing to make changes due to the sheer scale of this acute problem. We ask our expert panel what pledges all our collective businesses should action now, whether it be improving energy & water efficiency, managing eco initiatives and putting a best foot forward without resorting to greenwash…


Day 3 – Wednesday 13th June 2018

12:30pm – 13:15pm

Destination Spotlight: Your Story begins in Quito

The first city to be named a World Heritage Cultural Site by UNESCO in 1978, Quito showcases a unique combination of old and new with numerous attractions spread throughout a diverse and alluring landscape. The capital city is a thriving destination that represents a unique combination of old and new and has much to offer to its visitors, including authentic culture and rich indigenous and Hispanic traditions, which are experienced in every corner of the city through its exquisite gastronomy, art, museums, theaters, architecture, boutiques and much more. Its beautifully preserved Historic Center boasts impressive colonial architecture, including several churches and convents now open to the public, as well as plazas, boutiques, hotels and restaurants. Set at nearly 10,000 feet above sea level, Quito also enjoys breathtaking views of the Andes as well as a rich ecosystem with Cloud forests and lakes that are home to a variety of flora and fauna.

Many will already be aware of how the traditional city is transforming into a “Smart City”, with the creation of forward-thinking digital tools. At our exclusive seminar, Turismo Quito will present its new Digital Tourist Platform that includes: website, promotional video, app and its new tourist brand.

14:30pm – 15:40pm

Content Marketing: Tips & Tricks

Content is king, but how can you really create and distribute engaging content across all platforms that motivates your audience? Don’t miss our dream panel of experts who know the core rules and share with us their fundamental tips for success. Learn from real-life case studies so your content works in harmony with your brand, conveys your desired message and is noticed by all the right people!

16.05pm – 17:15pm

Pay it Forward: Sustainable, Responsible, Ethical footprints

People are turning to holiday providers in pursuit of authentic travel experiences where they feel they are emotionally ‘paying it forward’ and having a positive impact on the destination and its people. Our exclusive session explores just how mindful consumers have become tuned to this way of thinking, wanting to change their behaviour from helping local communities, banning plastic to considering ‘alternative destinations’ as an antidote to over-tourism. We ask what steps the industry can take to encourage this thinking, manage responsible initiatives and at the same time, deliver genuine feelgood initiatives that really help the cause.